17 Signs You Might Actually Be A Mannequin...All Of These Looks Like The Real Humans!

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 30th September 2015

#1.If this seems familiar:

#2.If you're f*uckin' over it, you're a mannequin:

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#4.You are sassy AF:

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#5.You make this face while crying:

#6.If you wake up in the morning looking like this:

#8.If you change easily and immediately on a stranger's whim, you are a mannequin.

#9.If you like to grind like this in the club, you might be a mannequin:

#10.If you and your best mate bro out like this, y'all are mannequins:

#11.If this expression seems familiar, you are a mannequin:

#12.You have a dad bod:

#13.If everyone comments on the impressive length of your legs:

#14.If you looked like this on your wedding day, I hope you're a mannequin:

#15.You just "can't even".

#16.If this is an accurate representation of how buff you look in polos, you are a mannequin:

#17.You have killer dance moves.