17 Sinister People Who Are Probably Real Life Supervillains

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 8th October 2015

#1 The evildoer who decided to play games at the airport.

#2 Apparently we have a criminal mastermind in the office.

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#4 The creator of this puzzle, obviously.

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#5 This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

#6 The horrible human who played an even deadlier game in the bathroom.

#8 Humans aren't the only species that enjoy getting a little devious.

#9 This is some next level villainy.

#10 And essentially every college professor.

#11 It's just so...wrong.

#12 You are the worst type of roommate, Sean.

#13 Who was allowed to do this?

#14 Because *this* carpet won't possibly cause any problems.

#15 It's a cruel world we live in.

#16 Excuse me while I sob for 10 minutes because this recreation brought back painful memories.

#17 Just another Saturday for someone hilariously despicable.