17 Smartass Students Really Acing This Whole "Test" Thing

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 28th August 2015

#1 The girl who took her Spanish test a little too literally.

#2 And the boy who did the same with his math test.

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#4 And now this song will be stuck in your head all day.

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#5 97 pounds in the 2nd grade? I'm going with the kid on this one.

#6 It means no worries.

#8 Yeah. That looks about right.

#9 E! I definitely pick e!

#10 I don't care if that's the wrong answer, give this student an A!

#11 Mission accomplished.

#12 That could technically be a reason. I say give them credit!

#13 I see that someone was recently given "the talk".

#14 This is the only correct answer.

#15 So that we can discuss Robbie's poor eating habits? Gladly.

#16 There's always, ALWAYS that one person.

#17 And the definitive answer to every question on every test ever...