20 Outrageous Items You Would Not Believe Were Confiscated At Airport Security

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 1st September 2015

#1 94 iPhones

You were going to sit 10 hours on a plane like that?!

#2 Easter eggs made out of cocaine

They do look tasty... What do you think would happen if you ate one? Jk. Please don't.

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#3 75 live Snakes

A woman tried to stuff them in her bra. Snakes on a Plane...part II! Get Samuel L. Jackson over here now!

#4 A Tiger's Genitals

Why...just why...?

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#5 A bag of dried up caterpillars

What were you planning on doing with those?

#6 Chastity Belt

Why would you want to wear one of these?

#8 Sex toys

It happens all the time! Airport officials can never be too certain that your vibrator isn't an explosive device...well this is awkward.

#9 200 tarantulas

Does bringing 200 venomous spiders on a plane seem logical to you?

#10 Bejeweled Lipstick gun

#11 Double-edged sword inside an Eiffel tower souvenir

This one is genius!

#12 40 caliber firearm stuffed inside a Mickey Mouse toy

Apparently the father who was with his 4-year old son at the time didn't know it was there...do you believe that?

#13 A knife inside an enchilada

Is it weird that I just got hungry?

#14 Razor blades in a Scooby Doo card

Who was this card for and what did they do to you?

#15 Bazooka Gun

How did you think you were going to get away with this? Like actually?

#16 Freddy Kreuger claws

#17 Creepy masks

That doesn't raise any suspicions at all.

#18 A stuffed Armadillo

He's clearly from the old West.

#19 Cow Dung Toothpaste

Step back 10 feet and don't breathe on me!

#20 Whatever this is?

Too bad that guy couldn't have gotten his money back. This thing is hideous!