23 Horrible Halloween Costumes That Need To Burned Immediately

By Johny in Funny On 15th October 2015

#1 This Moustache Skirt.

#2 Bad Parenting Idea

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#4 Bathtub that seduce you.

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#5 Poo With Smile

#6 This blood-soaked Pamper duing woman periods. Seriously?

#8 Croc with Spidey On Head

#9 Creepy Peter Pan

#10 Anyone remember 'Cat On Rumba' on YouTube

#11 Fart Man is the new super hero of Halloween

#12 Toilet Roll.. What will your family do. Get it back to the place.

#13 Snail. he was started one year ago to attent halloween party. It's 2015 Halloween party now

#14 This set of “baked” potatoes.

#15 Woman Turn herself to flamingo and got new name.. Womaningo

#16 This Plastic Wrapped Iron Man

#17 Bright boy with dirty ideas in his mind.

#18 Parents should be ashamed from this act of making Home Less Kid .

#19 Hey Look it's jelly fish. No need of umbrella . got it's own.

#20 Crest Toothpaste is officially rejected by many after watching this.

#21 What type of suit is he wearing or it's just a paint?

#22 Charms BlowPOP which has no more charms

#23 This Nemo and Dori, who look more like a Dorito and a Smurf.