5 Ways Dating An Anime Fan Can Have Its Challenges

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 17th September 2015

#1. Different Tastes

We all have our favorite genres, and there's no denying we have our go-to types of series when we're in a mood. Ever have that experience where you're with someone and neither of you can decide what to watch on Netflix? It can sometimes be a labor... and in this case a labor of love. If you have the Crunchyroll app open and you're trying to decide what to watch with your significant other, try narrowing it down to a few series. Write the names down and put them in a hat. Over time keep cycling in new series with the ones you haven't watched yet, and this way everyone is happy.

#2. Dub vs. Sub

It's the endless debate. Will it ever subside to calm the lands? Probably not, but this is a big one when it comes to watching anime, especially with someone else. There are certain series and films that we feel fairly connected to, and sometimes this has to do with its localization and how we watched it the very first time. Can't get over how a character's voice sounds in Japanese or English? What if your your special someone is more fond of dubs while you tend to watch everything subbed? Here is where give and take comes in. Give the series a shot and see if you can get used to the voices. Chances are you'll come to enjoy the cast in no time, and if it's the other way around with subs, you'll probably come to appreciate the original tone of the series.

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#3. Favorite and Despised Characters

There's nothing wrong with having favorites and least favorites, but the potential for some tension is there if your significant other despises them. Usually when we find a favorite character it's easy to purchase merchandise with them all over it. From plushies to pencil boards and wallscrolls, our apartments are littered with cute stuff everywhere. But when your partner has a dislike for that character, whether it be reasonable or not, you'll have to find a way to still be friends. It might be tough, but look, they probably have their favorites too! If you both take it on in a joking way your faves can become rivals or best buds. And if your favorite characters are friends, then you and your favorite friend will be happier for it.

#4. Loss of Interest

Have you ever watched a series and just couldn't get into it? Or maybe you got about half way through and decided you would rather invest your time in something else? This happens to people all the time, I mean look at how much anime there is to watch out there! But if you're watching something with your partner and they get hooked in while you don't, this can really suck. They're enjoying it but, it's dragging on for you or maybe the situation is reversed. This is where communication is key and it's time to be honest with the fact that you're about to fall asleep to this snoozefest. You probably have a laptop or another streaming device, so while they watch their newfound best of the season you can enjoy something else. Just don't forget headphones.

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#5. Finding Your Husbando or Waifu

Oh man, here's the big one. You're watching an anime together and you start to sense those waifu feelings coming on. Or maybe one of the guys makes your heart flutter and you realize he's potential husbando material. Here's where you need to play it smart. For most couples it's probably no big deal, so share away and talk up your anime feelings. But if either of you get jealous easily or if you know your partner doesn't like your husbando/waifu, then beware the tension that can ensue if they find out. It'll be okay in the end since your characters will always be there for you unless they die of course, which means starting the series over again. Remember that saying how every day is like falling in love with you over and over again? Watching that anime where your waifus or husbandos exist from the beginning is the same thing.