7 Burning Questions People New To Anime May Have

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 29th September 2015

#1. Where are the robots?

Not every series has robots, at least not obvious ones. Some are maids, some are mobile suits, and sometimes we do not have any mechs whatsoever. For those looking for mechs, check out the Gundam franchise or Macross.

#2. So everyone is a ninja?

Basically yes. They could also be assassins, or secret agents with mystical powers. There are lots of ninjas in anime, from the highly skilled to the completely inept.

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#3. Is there a reason for so much/not enough blood?

It's called gore, and it's amazing. Series like Berserk and Gantz are well known for it. The blood does not feel out of place. If the lack of blood is an issue, that's just because you are watching Doraemon.

#4. I thought this was supposed to be porn?

While this seems silly, it really is not. Many people are introduced to anime through hentai shows and movies, and thus when watching something more tame they tend to get a little confused. This is a good time to explain to new anime fans the difference between medium and genre.

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#5. Don't her boobs defy physics and gravity?

Some series seem to ignore the rules of physics entirely. Sometimes this is done through unbelievable female form. Additionally, many of the male characters have over the top moments of gravity defying oddities. Running up walls anyone?

#6. What salon do I go to in order to get your hair?

This also falls into a bit of a cosplay category. Long, perfect hair such as Sailor Moon's is not often found here in the three dimensional world. Unless you use good conditioner, and rinse with cold water. Or in the case of a wig, carry around a dryer sheet. It helps calm the static in the kanekalon fibers.

#7. What is up with her eyebrows?

The pickled radish eyebrows? That's just the best keyboard player in the school. Mugi is great, and one of the more established moe archetypes. Blonde hair and big eyebrows are trademark character designs.

You may get some even more odd questions from newer anime fans. Just be prepared to know when to answer them, and when to say "Just watch the next episode."

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