A Simple Four Letter Word Keeps Giving This Man Nightmares

By Michael Avery in Funny On 9th September 2015


We all have those moments where we forget a certain word or how to spell something, but usually with a bit of gentle prompting it all comes back to us.

In this case, however, the spelling of the word "eyes" confused this guy for quite a long time.

Don is caught on camera getting completely confused when his partner Jeanette asks him what E-Y-E-S spells.

He pronounces it like "e-yes" and gets increasingly frustrated as she laughs at his mistake..


Don continues to get it wrong, not realising that he is missing that the letters spell the word "eyes".

He is adamant that he is saying the right word, so Jeanette asks him if there is such a word as e-yes.

Despite multiple prompting, he still doesn't pick up on his mistake until the end of the video, when she asks: "how do you spell eyes?"

The pair, from New Zealand, begin to laugh at his simple mistake.

The hilarious video is a viral hit online, gaining over 180,000 views on YouTube.

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