Disneyland's Gaston Actor Breaks Character After Woman Touches Him

By Harsh Rana in Showbiz On 9th July 2024

Visiting Disneyland is a dream come true for many people, but sometimes, the hardworking staff can experience less than respectful treatment.

This unfortunate reality came to light with a guest who behaved inappropriately around a performer playing Gaston.

Gaston, the character from Beauty and the Beast, is known for being the partying, hunting, muscle-bound antagonist to Belle and The Beast.

However, one visitor seemed to take things way too far during her interaction with the performer portraying Gaston.

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A viral video captures the moment this guest approaches Gaston during a meet and greet session to get a photo.

The actor, fully dressed in costume, stands ready for pictures.

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As the guest gets close to him, without any warning or seeking permission, she places her hands on the performer's chest.

The performer immediately breaks character and, with calm but firm resolve, asks her to leave.

The guest placed her hands on the performer's chest. TikTok/@evansnead/Reddit

Initially, the guest appears confused and unsure if he’s serious, continuing to smile at him.

She even leans in again, attempting to grab the performer, but the man repeats ‘out’ and orders her to ‘leave’.

He then points out to her, ‘there's children’, indicating that she should go immediately, which she eventually does.

The video was shared by TikToker @evansnead, who urged viewers, "Please do not be that person."

He warned Disney park visitors: "Just so you know, if you do harass the characters like that, more often than not, they're not going to play into it.”


“They're not going to think it's cute."

He highlighted that while performers are there to make your visit as enjoyable as possible, they are ultimately at work.

He added, "If you don't want a stranger going up to you, in public, at your place of work and putting their hands all over you then don't do it to the characters.

"The characters want you to have a great time and enjoy meeting them, but it is their place of work, it is a family place of business and they are also people."

People reacted positively to the way the performer handled the situation.

One person commented, "I'm glad he did what he did. Her sense of entitlement was real and I never say that lightly."

Another person pointed out how his reaction set a good example, writing, "I love that Gaston did this because there certainly were kids watching and it shows a perfect example of what to do when someone touches you inappropriately."

A third person wrote, "I wonder how she imagined the situation would have played out? It's a Disney character from a child's movie."