Entitled Mother Demands Woman To Entertain Her Kid On Flight

Posted by Annie N. in Fails On 28th August 2021

An entitled mother traveling with her 7-year-old son was fuming when the woman refuses to give her phone to her child for playing games or entertain him by playing a movie on her phone.


Flying has never been easy and it’s only made worse when certain passengers make it a terrible experience for others. One such incident happened to Reddit user r/WithcesCoven99 who posted her story to the popular subreddit, r/EntitledParents.

She was settled into her seat on her way to London when she encountered a mother with a 7-year-old son. If we know anything about the theme of this subreddit, we know that things are about to get really annoying for OP.


This occurred during the early months of the pandemic which meant that regular flights were cancelled and the ones that were going, were packed like sardines.

OP sat in the aisle seat with the mother in the middle and the child at the window. OP had actually asked for the window seat but had given it up for the young kid already on the condition that the mother take pictures for her once they take off.


OP then prepared to watch a movie on her phone and put her headphones in. not 20 minutes later the mother and son swapped seats again and the child was now next to OP. The child had now started watching the movie with OP.

The movie that OP was watching, Venom, had a particularly violent scene that was playing when the mother tapped OP’s shoulder.

“excuse me, is that appropriate for children?”

“No, sorry this is like a 15 I think?”

“Ahh, do you have anything appropriate for a child”

“No sorry, I downloaded this off Netflix and can't use my internet.”



OP thought that this was where the conversation ended and proceeded to continue her movie when the mother tapped her once again.

“Aren’t you going to turn this off?”

Needless to say, OP was shocked by the entitlement.

“Uh no. ‘m still gonna watch the movie I picked for my flight.”

The kid now asks, “Have you got any games I could play?”

“No, because I’m watching a movie.”

“Come on, he’s bored,” said the mother.

“Not my problem though is it?” said OP.


“Excuse me?” This sentence was clearly a trigger and OP elaborated further.

“It’s not my problem that your child is bored, you should have planned ahead.”

After laying it out for the woman, she put her headphones back in and went back to her movie. Except now the mother switched seats with the child yet again!

The movie ended with only a few minutes left on the flight and OP switched to her Spotify playlist. The mother, who had apparently been keeping tabs on the movie said, “You could at least let my kid play a game now you spiteful b****”

But OP isn’t the sort to back down or take cuss words lightly. She replied, “How about you be [freaking] grateful I let your kid look out the window the entire flight you ungrateful c**t”

After some petty pushing and nudging, the flight was landed and OP was finally able to put some distance between herself and the entitled mother.


Commenters were appalled by the woman's sense of entitlement and how she called out OP rather than teach her child to be respectful of people's privacy.

"If my parents saw me peeping at whatever was on a stranger's phone, I'd be the one getting a stern talking to, not the adult just minding their own business. Kids can be taught boundaries, it's not that f*cking hard."


Anyone that has traveled with a child knows just how important it is to plan activities for them

"As a mom. Dear God plan better... good for you standing your ground!"


This commenter was also shocked by the expectation that OP would just hand their phone over. 

"I would never EVER hand my phone to a stranger. That's fucking ridiculous that she would ask you to do that"


Another commenter said the same thing and considered just how many options the mother must have had other than harassing OP. 

"Funny with all the modern technology we have that can entertain the little brat she expects someone ELSE to do it.

Shoot, I've had two surgeries this year (a third on the way) and each time I bring a computer back with my phone, tablet, 3DS and chargers because I know I'm going to be in a hospital bed for a week and I'm going to be bored. PLAN AHEAD, PEOPLE!"