Forgotten Insults From The 1700s That You Need To Start Using Again, You Lobcock.

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 7th October 2015

#1 This guy picked me up, but when I said at the end of the date I didn't want to see him again, he refused to drive me home. Total addle pate.

#2 Ugh, I'm not staying in this bar. It's full of Bartholomew Babies.

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#4 Basically, Gil from The Simpsons.

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#5 I know that everyone thinks their own baby is cute, but Meredith's kid is bracket-faced.

#6 Every person I met on OK Cupid was a clunch.

#7 If this isn't also the name of a character in Spongebob Squarepants, something is wrong with the world.

#8 If Einstein never gave us his name to say sarcastically to idiots, we'd still be using this.

#9 Theon Greyjoy, after he became Reek.

#10 Closely related to the Duchess of Digits.

#11 See also: duckhat.

#12 Sorry, we couldn't find an insult for city clowns.

#13 But man, what an arse it is.

#14 That's a great pigeon trick.

#15 The precursor to "basket-butted."