Glimpse The Private Recesses Of The Opposite Gender's Mind With These Confessions!

By Teresa Thomerson in Funny On 8th October 2015


What can a woman say, boobs are just eye catching.


We really are better at discretion.

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It kinda makes one feel sorry for high libido individuals.

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Ok, I know this one is hard for guys to understand, but women do NOT pee from their vagina. There's a urethra and a vagina and an anus. You guys pee and ejaculate from your urethra. You have two holes, women have three.


It's for your benefit.


Yes, women are being defensive... because you HAVE to be.


How about we get a bullseye for the toilet?


This one had me dumbfounded, but makes sense. Those things are sensitive.


Nobody wants that.


Urinal etiquette 101.


It's true too...