Hero Woman Gets Tinder-matched With The Aids Drug Guy, Calls Him Out On His Douchebaggery.

By Michael Avery in Funny On 5th October 2015


Would you swipe right on "the most hated man in America"? Martin Shkreli is a pharmaceuticals CEO who has become notorious recently for putting profit profit (way, way, way) before people, hiking up the price of an AIDS drug 5000%. He's also on Tinder, looking for Love and Other Drugs. (We hear being his ex-girlfriend, at least, can be very profitable.) Most recently, Shkreli matched with comedian and writer Eve Peyser on the dating site, who called him out on his total shittiness and inquires about whether he considers himself "the Snowden of AIDS drugs":


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This is where the conversation ended, as apparently that Snowden question was of such depth that Shkreli was forced to go re-examine some things about his life. Either that or he just gave up on Tinder and decided to pay someone to let him go down on them that evening. Although everyone was generally supportive of Eve's interrogation of Shkreli, many were concerned that maybe she was comparing him to Snowden in a positive way:


But she was having none of that


Well, I'm glad we cleared that up. I hope this Internet interaction teaches Martin Shkreli an important lesson: he can't just screw over people who are literally sick and dying and expect to escape without some momentary awkwardness. You go girl!