Hilarious Breakup Letters. You Have To See Them To Believe It!

By Sumaiya Ghani in Funny On 15th September 2015

#1 Giraffe Got Your Tongue?

It's hard to imagine how the person on the receiving end of this letter reacted. On the one hand, it's super insulting. On the other, it's a picture of a giraffe!

#2 The Let-It-Rip Breakup

Welp, Chris, looks like this lady didn't hold back a bit! When spiders and rats are more attractive than you, you know it's bad.

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#4 The Pretend Breakup

Sounds like this would have been one messy divorce. Good thing these two, you know, never met.

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#5 Served With a Smile

This lovely breakup note has even inspired T-shirts. Can you say #viral?