Hilariously Weird Phobias You Wouldn’t Believe People Have

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 14th October 2015

#1 Skin-tingling, anxiety-inducing, hilariously strange Phobias and Fears

A recent study shows that people have the strangest phobias.. some are not even classified yet. Are you afraid of buttons? Do you have a fear of cotton balls, pickles, clouds, eggplants? Some people do. Here are just some of the latest listings of ridiculous phobias people have.

#2 Deipnophobia

Don't invite anyone with this fear over to your party. They fear them!

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#3 Omphalophobia

As weird as it sounds, some people do have this phobia where they can't touch their own or others' belly buttons. In fact, the very idea of a belly button, or simply seeing one is also feared by people who suffer from this phobia. Sounds more creepy than weird, right?

#4 Ablutophobia

If you have ablutophobia then you had better go grab some deodorant because you are probably too scared to take a bath or clean yourself.

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#5 Philophobia

Although butterflies in the stomach are often associated with love, for someone with philophobia those butterflies are more like deadly scorpions, as they are petrified of falling in love. Unfortunately many people in this category end up living a life of solitude and fear of commitment.

#6 Arithmophobia

If you hate fears of playing the lottery, you might suffer from this phobia, which is the fear of numbers. Don't go to a bingo game!

#7 Ephebiphobia

"Get off my lawn!" is what you might say if you are an adult who loathes and fears youths.

#8 Oneirogmophobia

All teen boys must suffer from this phobia since it is the fear of wet dreams.

#9 Selenophobia

Maybe you are a werewolf? Or you have Remus Lupin's fear, which is that of the moon.

#10 Hylophobia

Okay, no offence, but some trees actually do look really scary at times. Anyway, people who have this phobia fear trees, wood, and forests. It may be caused by watching all those fairy tales or stories which talk about the evil guys staying in the forests. So go easy with the fables, alright?

#11 Heliophobia

In a sort of modern day vampirism, heliophobia is actually defined as fear of the sun. Although it sounds harmless, it can actually be quite serious and lead to vitamin D deficiency as a result of staying indoors.

#12 Xanthophobia

Sufferers of xanthophobia may fear anything yellow, including the sun, daffodils and yellow paint. In its most aggressive form xanthophobic symptoms may include an overwhelming fear of even the phrase yellow.

#13 Genuphobia

Fear of knees or kneeling..

I'm not even surprised anymore. People who have this phobia have a fear of their own or someone else's knees. So, no skirts and shorts basically!

#14 Octophobia

You'll never become a figure skater with this fear...

This one is infinitely scary, since it is fear of the figure 8.

#15 Globophobia

Party Poopers!

People who have this phobia can fear balloons in general or the sound produced when a balloon is popped. I have no idea how on Earth people with this phobia will ever be able to arrange a birthday party for their kids!

#16 Sphenisciphobia

Fear of Nuns is a phobia that affects over 250,000 people in America alone. It is defined as a fear of Nuns of any form or kind. People suffering from the fear of Nuns or Nuns phobia will do anything and everything to avoid Nuns of any form or kind. Could be all those Catholic school teachers haunting them.

#17 Anuptaphobia

The clock is ticking...

Does this hit on your 30th birthday, since it's the fear of being single?

#18 Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia

If you were traumatized by The Omen, then you may have this phobia and it's fear of the number 666.

The Doxie's have nothing to do with it.. LOL.

#19 Coulrophobia

They are supposed to bring joy, but thanks to Stephen King's 'It', most of us have coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns.

#20 Lepidopterophobia

Fear of butterflies.

People with the fear of butterflies are extremely afraid of most winged insects. Typically, they experience a disgust response at the sight of these creatures. They feel afraid, nauseous or panicky particularly at the sight of butterflies.

#21 Sidonglobophobia

It must be hell visiting the dentist.

Sidonglobophobia is the fear of cotton balls. It is also called Bambakophobia where Bambaki stands for cotton in Greek while phobos means deep dread or fear.

People with this fear cringe when a cotton ball or gauze substance comes in contact with their skin or mouth.

#22 Venustraphobia

Fear of beautiful women? I always thought it was from being jealous, but there are actually a lot of people afraid of gorgeous women. Maybe that's why we have so many cute men partnered with a hot mess.

#23 Chaetophobia

Unlike Farrah, some people have a fear of their own hair. The 1980's would have been totally different.

Although some people with chaetophobia only fear loose or detached hair, others can be terrified by the hairs on their very own bodies.

#24 Ithyphallophobia

This phobia must be hard to deal with, since it the fear of having/seeing/thinking about an erect penis.

#25 Paraskavedekatriaphobia

Yep, you can probably thank Michael Myers and his William Shatner mask for forever being scared of the date Friday the 13.

#26 Porphyrophobia

Watching the Oscar winning movie with Whoopie and Oprah must have been a nightmare when you fear the color purple.

#27 Tristadekaphobia

Hold the pickle, please!

Tristadekaphobia is an intense fear of Pickles, and anything pickled.

No word on if this includes cucumbers or not.

#28 Pentheraphobia

Fear of mother-in-laws.

This is the discovery Indian bahus have been waiting for. The sufferers of this phobia have extreme fear of their mother-in-laws. Better start looking for an orphan partner then!

#29 Haphephobia

Whatever you do just make sure you don't get too close to anyone with haphephobia it's the fear of being touched.

#30 Koumpounophobia

Koumpounophobia is the phobia of buttons. Usually, but not always, it is buttons on clothing. Which means lots of pullovers and sweaters. But, Steve Jobs had it, and his fear was of buttons on the keyboard.

#31 Phobophobia

Finally, there's a phobia of having phobias! People suffering from this phobia live in the fear that they might develop a phobia. Far too ironic.