His Girlfriend Secretly Humiliated Him At The Airport, But When He Realized...Whoa!

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 11th October 2015

#1 Jeana was struck with a devilish idea when she found boyfriend Jesse asleep in plane. Time for some artwork. And what better canvas than Jesse's forehead!

With a Sharpie marker, she draws a penis on Jesse's forehead. He was too exhausted to sense his girlfriend's dirty art on him.

#2 Arriving at the Airport Luggage was when the chaotic fun began!

Tired Jesse gets confused when people stare at his face with a weird smile. He starts wondering, "What the hell?" Jeana kisses him to make him feel better.

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#3 She hints the Airport porters not to say anything to Jesse.

Everyone at the airport is hilariously bemused, but they all stay quiet, including the paid driver who took them home. But suspicion struck Jesse's mind soon.

#4 He rushed to the bathroom the moment they reached home.

And BAM! He found out why everyone was staring at him all that time. He was pissed off for a moment but realized this was another classic prank of his girlfriend.

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#5 Here's the complete video of the prank!