Kid Makes A Terrible Decision While On A Romantic Homecoming Date At Applebee’s

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 12th October 2015


Here is the story as told by the kid

"So it's homecoming night and me and my girlfriend made reservations for all of us at Applebee's, (I know not really the most classy of places) but it worked living in a small city in Wisconsin, anyways I go sit down, order my food and my two buddies come up and tell me that they got an Audi borrowed to them by their friend who's a doctor. They asked me if I wanted to go on a 2 minute ride in the Audi with them that it would be fun, I told them yes and I could tell my girlfriend was mad at me for wanting to leave for a couple minutes on homecoming night, but I left anyways and we're going down this dead end road going 80 and we swerve off into a ditch, and me being me I wasn't wearing a seatbelt and I smashed my face into the seat in front of me and bit my lip in half and ripped all the skin off my gums and get out of the car covered in blood and this dude comes over and let's me wipe myself off. I was able to stick my tongue through this hole in my lip. So two minutes after I left I called my girlfriend and had her give me a ride to the hospital, she was not happy. But it's gonna be a pretty sweet scar. Never made it to homecoming tho"


Kyle: is the car fucked? lol more pics?

"The Audi is completely totaled lmfao. My buddy probably got his ass whopped and yeah one second!"

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"My girlfriends pissed at me and is probably gonna dump me because I ditch her for 2 minutes and almost die lmao, also didn't get to embarrass myself in the world of dance being a white boy tonight."


Thanks for the story Seth. If your girlfriend dumps you hopefully this story can get you laid. You da man!

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