Man Trying To Paint His Daughter's Bedroom Texts The Wrong Number And Finds The Perfect Friend.

By Michael Avery in Funny On 31st August 2015

#1 Man, don't ask D. D couldn't interior decorate their way out of a paper bag.

I don't know the genders of these anonymous texters for sure, but the person painting their daughter's room really sounds like a stressed-out dad to me, so that's what I'm going with. There are so many internal struggles that come through in just these few words. He thinks his daughter would like a blue room. D, on the other hand, is messing with his head with some kind of retrograde girls-must-be-surrounded-by-pink nonsense. With that kind of feedback coming from his inner circle, it seems like an impartial stranger is exactly who this nervous pop needed for advice. Sometimes it's just easier to open up to someone you don't know about that periwinkle shit.

#2 No joke, I would be 1000% more comfortable discussing this with a stranger.

I'm pretty sure "Bedrooms Are Supposed To Be Chill" is the name of one of Martha Stewart's books.

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#3 Honestly, this stranger is pretty amazing at giving home decorating advice.

Personally, I'd have said "go with a color that won't make her think Facebook is also her home" but I'm not the one being wrong-texted.

#4 Wait, I’m beginning to think this person actually did just text Martha Stewart. This advice is next level.

Not sure if you know this, but motherfuckers often collect a lot of dust.

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#5 In conclusion: fuck D.

And so ended the most polite wrong number in all of human history.

I sincerely hope that for the rest of their lives, whenever these two face a difficult choice, they remember who they can text for sound advice. Thanks, random humans, for making me feel pretty good about being homo sapiens today.