Mcdonald’s ‘Secret’ Big Mac Sauce Recipe Has Been Leaked Online And Here Is How You Can Make It In Your Own Kitchen. I'm Lovin It!

Posted by Michael Avery in Food On 28th August 2017

McDonald’s “secret” Big Mac sauce recipe has reportedly been leaked online – and it contains a staggering 33 ingredients. The allegedly authentic list has been shared on Pinterest, but the fast food chain has yet to confirm if it is the real deal.



The world’s most iconic burger celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

The Big Mac (originally named ‘The Aristocrat’) was introduced in Pittsburgh in 1967 and has gone on to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Today, the Big Mac can be ordered in every corner of the world, and although the exact ingredients and sizes change slightly from country to country, one crucial element remains consistent: the ‘special sauce’.



What makes the Big Mac a best-selling burger around the world is that infamous special sauce it comes with.

Without that special sauce, it just wouldn't be special.

So imagine if you could recreate that very special sauce at home? Home-made burgers would honestly become next level.



Now, the top-secret recipe for the sauce appears to have leaked online, the Daily Mail reports.

The allegedly authentic ingredients list has circulated on Pinterest and contains a whopping 33 ingredients.

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