Mom Compelled To Change Her Baby Girl's Name Because It Sounded Like 'Lasagna'

Posted by Sama in Fails

Recently a woman took to Reddit to share her fear of her daughter being bullied in the future for her name resembling to a food item. Redditors assured her that it might not be the case in many ways but if it is bothering her so much, so for the sake of her child she can change the name.

Read the thread and give us suggestions over what do you think of this situation?



It is no secret that people look for a lot of things when they are naming their babies. Like many people want to honor their families, some want to follow their family legacy and others just want to pick some name that is unique.

There are times when people often get carried away with their choice of unique names and forget that their kids have to bear with the brunt of it if their name in any way does not sit with the society's taste and standard.

A mom on Reddit discovered too late that she missed this important vetting step. Posting on r/AmItheAsshole, user u/namedmydaughterpasta says that she named her daughter Elizabeth Anya Jane. She named her baby Anya to honor her husband's late mother who passed away from cancer. Later they had a family attachment with the name Anya and decided to stick with it.



As time passed on, they settled on calling their baby girl Liz, short for Elizabeth. But once on Skype call, the woman's sister pointed out that Liz Anya sounds like Lasagna which unfortunately it does.

The woman has told her sister that it is no big deal and no one will make the real connection and most people don't even use their middle name. But she is afraid that people will mock or bully her daughter in her later life as the mocking on behalf of her family side has already started.

The realization came after the comedian Amy Schummer announced that she and her partner are changing their son's name from Gene Attell—because it sounded like “genital” to “Gene David Fischer.”



The majority of people are laughing at the absurdity of the situation and has pointed out that it is her family who is being mean in the situation here. Others suggested that if the name is bothering her so much and she has fears for her daughter's future than she can change it for the sake of it.

There were many people who reassured the woman that her daughter's name in no way is weird as compared to the names they come across their whole life.