Prankster Creatively Recreates Thor’s Hammer Then Lets People Attempt to Lift It

By Michael Avery in Funny On 13th October 2015


Marvel fans, prepare to geek out.

This replica of Thor's hammer Mjolnir from The Avengers and Thor may not let you conduct lightning or fly, but it does only respond to the 'worthy' touch of its creator Alan Pen, and his pranks on people trying to lift it are almost as good as watching the Avengers themselves try.


Pretty ingenious to use a electromagnet with a finger print scanner to turn on and off to fool people into thinking you're Thor.

The insides of the hammer with the thumb print scanner. Looks pretty complicated.

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Oops, getting called out, too bad they couldn't hide the thumb scanner a little better.

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He couldn't have predicted that someone would try to slide the hammer off the metal plate.

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Check out the whole video here.