Really Awkward Roommate Encounters That Will Make You Laugh

By Johny in Funny On 22nd October 2015

#1 Thank GOD, Parents don't know about her that she is your girlfriend.

#2 That's the nasty one. Smelling a chair.

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#4 Most of the Roommates enjoy naked at home

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#5 That's really awkward.. I think he is afraid of ghosts that's why sleeping next to her.

#6 Noises From Roommates make him Romantic.

#8 The Truth comes to the roommate and it's good for him.

#9 She is so sensitive .

#10 Jack-A$$

#11 She don't want to disturb them. She loves to live her life alone.

#12 Roommate is really desperate to see her naked.

#13 Roommate got surprise and other enjoyed the bondage orgy show without any ticket.

#14 This guy needs to be pamper. He is still a little tiny boy.

#15 She does not care of anyone.. She loves to experience different boys.

#16 This is really awkward

#17 When Football is the priority.

#18 She is not aware of the scenario. She was also drunk.

#19 That's Too Late...

#20 Roommate is addicted to call his girlfriend. After every 10 minutes, he ask of her.

#21 Her bed is not comfortable May be.