Salt Bae's Famous London Restaurant Ranked As One Of The Worst Places To Eat In The City

By Samantha in Fails On 20th July 2022

The Nusr-et Steakhouse restaurant has received a rating for being one of the worst restaurants in London.

Even the Turkish restaurateur Nusret Gökçe (Salt Bae) has been a famous internet sensation, but not even his fame could save his eatery from a bad reputation.

Although the Nusr-et is described on its website as an ‘internationally acclaimed destination, serving celebrity clientele’, it's been rated in the bottom one per cent of the UK's restaurants, according to Trip Advisor.

There have been not one but hundreds of bad reviews against Salt Bae's restaurant. 

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Only a few months after establishing itself, the famous steak house was rated 16,970 out of 17,542 listings of the best places to eat, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Out of the total, only 69 places were considered worse.

One reviewer wrote: “Nothing from another world. Too much salt and I had tried better meat for less price. People these are becoming more ridiculous and superficial.”

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Another said in part: “Only a fool would eat at a place like this...or maybe a wannabe influencer. This is a fad shop with a guy riding a following of those who like watching him play with meat.

“He is not a chef, nor does his restaurant offer anything that exceeds expected and basic qualities of the food which is served.”

A third person commented: “The waiters were annoying and unprofessional. The food was cold and way overvalued. Can’t recommend anyone to go there.”

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While another wrote: “I can’t express the excitement that I had on me when I got there to try the most famous delightful meat that I have heard and wondered about for a long time.. to my disappointment it was truly the worst meat I had in my life!!”

Infact, some of the people even criticized the diner for being treated badly during their visit. 

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One visitor who went to the celebrity chef's London restaurant claimed that they had to go and ask about their sides as there were none delivered, to which they were answered by a member of staff in a 'short and blunt' manner.

They went on to explain that when the sides did arrive at the table, they were warned that there was only half an hour to eat up so that they could get other diners to the table.