Some Of The Craziest And Funny Ways To Get The Six Packs Easily

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 5th September 2015

#1 This guy is definitely trying to actually get away with this. Right?!

#2 He claims they didn’t put implants in – that these existed ‘under his fat’. So he got the fat sucked out.

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#4 “Mom!”

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#5 Darryn Lyon’s inspiration.

#6 Spectacular.

#8 Bread cuts

#9 Haha! Read the comments. It’s all going well for him. Until someone comes through with the K.O.

#10 Darn skinny people. These are ridiculous, but it looks like it’s still possible for him to get them for real.

#11 Girls like funny guys. And guys with actual six packs.

#12 Be true to yourself. Never change.

#13 Was this after you ate Chinese?!

#14 You get classy ladies when you have a six pack. Clearly.