Some People Are Simply Asking For It - Accidents Waiting To Happen!

By Muk Khatri in Funny On 1st October 2015

#1 Thinking About Safety? Not!

This fellow is clearly not reading the SIGN!

#2 A Safety Engineer doing an Unsafe Thing

This safety engineer may have a sense of humor. But using that sharp knife is probably the worse idea in taking a splinter out.

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#3 Hanging AirCon Installers

I don't know about you, but this is definitely a wrong way to install the conditioner.

#4 Is This a Ladder Trick?

This daredevil found an ingenious way to extend the ladder with another ladder.

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#5 Barehanded and Barefoot Surrounded by Electricity

This could funny except this scene is very, very dangerous.

#6 Hot Tub Powered by a Raging Flame

I wonder who is the genius behind this deadly contraption?

#8 Spidey Wannabe?

This man taking a nap seems to think he is Spiderman.

#9 Paper Welding Mask?

This is the latest in welding mask technology - paper.

#10 A Pile of Bricks Holding a Ton of Bricks

The man who set this up is certainly a few bricks short in the head.

#11 I don't Need a Jack!

Apparently, this man has no use of a jack. He simply relies on his superhuman strength.

#12 Balancing His Work

This worker seems to have no problem balancing his work.