Student Life Summed Up Perfectly By Will Smith GIFs

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 14th October 2015

#1 That moment when you're trying to get comfortable in the lecture theater LOL

#2 That night out when you're getting to know the campus folks...

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#3 That moment you realize you realize you've been drinking and partying the first year...

Then you promise yourself you'll change the following year...

#4 That moment you realize the guys on your course don't really appreciate dead baby jokes. LOL

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#5 Turning up to a seminar after deciding to go out drinking instead of completing the reading

#6 When your flatmates wanna desperately go out drinking but you've got an essay deadline in the morning

#8 We've all been through that moment when we have to convince our mum that we're eating healthily

#9 Of course you also realize it's probably a good idea deleting your family off Facebook

#10 After an absolutely filthy night out,

This has probably been you looking at your flatmate's Facebook profile

#11 This has probably been you trying you get the attention of that hottie across the dance-floor

#12 But then the lights come on at the end of the night…

#13 Then after three years, you finally get your dissertation graded,

and this is what you tell yourself, looking in the mirror...

#14 Finally, after applying for over 200 jobs, you get hired for your first graduate job.

You're now 33 years old