Summer Is Ending And Here Is Why That Sucks

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 26th August 2015

#1 Where Did The Summer Go?

It's hard to believe it's over. Here are some things we will miss.... but alas, it will all return again next year!

#2 No More Babes In Bikini's

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#4 The Days Get Shorter and the Nights Get Cooler

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#5 No More Crocs!

#6 Girls Will Start Behaving Like Cave Women

#8 No More Funny Tan Lines

#9 No More Serious and Strange Sun Burns

#10 Light Snacks Will Be Replaced By Pumpkin EVERYTHING!

#11 No More Skinny Dipping

#13 Leaves Will Soon Need To Be Raked and Piled

Damn those trees!

#14 Get Ready To Be Bombarded With 'End of Summer' Sales Events

#15 The Entire Season Passed Right By With Not a Single Date

#16 School Is Starting....

.. Enuff said!

#17 All The Fun Summer Pop Songs Will Fade Into Love Ballads

#18 Soon It Will Cold Enough To Freeze Your Butt Off

#19 Watch Out - MOVember is Coming

Guys will start looking like Big Foot

#20 It's Time To Put That Blender Away... No More Slushi's

#21 Don't Cry. Just 290 More Days Until The Snow Melts and SUMMER Starts Again!