Taiwanese Men Go Gaga Over McDonald's Goddess

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 24th August 2015

#1 Men have been flocking to the fast food chain to ogle at this wide-eyed beauty

Wei Han Xu, the cashier, was spotted by Taiwanese blogger, Raindog, who was prompted to share pictures of her on his blog and since then men have been flocking up to speak to her and ogle at this wide-eyed beauty.


Her nickname is WeiWei and after her recent rise in popularity she has now earned the title of "McDonald's Goddess". Her public profile increased dramatically after photographs of her cosplaying whilst working started gainingtraction.

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WeiWei, a student and aspiring model who could easily double as an anime character, has also snagged a few appearances on local variety and talk shows. Despite her newly acquired fame, WeiWei is still, by all accounts, working the front counter of the fast food restaurant.


Well McDonald's is not a place everyone would fancy working at but this porcelien doll is definitely adding allure to the counter!

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Despite her surge in popularity some readers have accused the blogger of manipulating the pictures, with some claiming the woman does not exist at all.


However, her Instagram account ( https://instagram.com/pppig/ ) suggests otherwise boasting a loyal fan base of over 65,000 followers.