That's So Brooklyn: The 15 Most Infuriatingly Brooklyn Things To Have Ever Happened!

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 1st October 2015

#1.When this turtle commuted to work in style.

#2.When this vandal made his mark.

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#4.When this vegan drew the line at luxury.

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#5.When this bar finally had enough of the hoards of drunk youngsters.

#6.When this missed connection description narrowed nothing down for anyone.

#8.When one resourceful observer of Judaism made a joint menorah.

#9.When full-grown adults attended Craft Camp.

#10.When this was uttered in Park Slope.

#11.When the late-night train home was basically nonexistent.

#12.When this robot hopped on the L for a night out.

#13.When this stroller parking was real but also VIP.

#14.When this person gave in to their addiction.

#15.When this laundromat gave the people what they wanted.