These Are The Cutest Little Animals You Will Ever See.

By Michael Avery in Nature On 18th January 2018

#1 The Aardwolf

With a name that means "Earth Wolf," the aardwolf is a cute little critter. The live in burrows and eat bugs. Tons and tons of bugs. You can find this cousin to the hyena in the southern and eastern portions of Africa.

#2 The Binturong

If you attend the University of Cincinnati you know these cute little guys by another name, the "Bearcat." These omnivores eat pretty much everything and while their name might say otherwise they are in no way related to cats or bears.

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#3 The Elephant Shrew

Elephant Shrews are cute little creatures that get their name from their long trunklike nose that they use to dig up bugs for dinner. They are found in the wild exclusively in Tanzania and Kenya.

#4 The Fossa

Fossas are possibly the cutest little cat otters you will ever see. They live in Madagascar and eat mostly lemurs which they tear apart using their retractable claws.

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#5 The Golden Brushtail Possum

At any given time while traveling around the cities of Australia you will probably run into the Golden Brushtail Possum. They are like raccoons in America in that they are seen as dumpster diving pests. If they are pests they are the cutest little, stuffed animal looking pest ever.

#6 The Golden Mole

The South African Golden Mole is an amazing little creature. They live underground so they don't need eyes which is why they don't have any and their ears are so small you might think they didn't have any either. Their claws allow them to move through sand as easily as a fish in water. Neat.

#7 The Olinguito

These little kitty bears are related to raccoons. You can find them roaming around the forests in the Andes.

#8 The Silky Anteater

Finally, we reach the cutest critter on our list. The Silky Anteater is the tiniest species of anteater in the whole world. You can find them in South and Central America.