They Noticed A Suspicious Cooler Floating Down The River... They Opened It And Omg!

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 12th October 2015

#1 Family Day

This family was enjoying a fun and peaceful day at the river when they watched something slowly creep towards them in the water...what could it be?

#2 Should We Get It?

It was a white cooler with a lid - so of course the boys wanted to see what was in it. So they talked about if and how they should grab it.

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#4 Duct Tape

He brought it back, and they noticed it was sealed with duct tape. But what was so important it needed to be tightly closed.

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#5 A Baby Doll?!

A creepy baby doll was inside! Umm this is just like a scary movie right?

#6 Mom, Look!

So of course they decide to scare their mom! Hilarious..and whoever put that doll in there knew they would get this reaction!