They Try To Steal An Abandoned Bike, But When They Ride Off They Never Expect This

By Michael Avery in Funny On 17th October 2015


So you're just walking along and you see a random bike left unattended. What do you do? Most people would just keep walking while other more shifty individuals would try to steal the bike.


But what if that bike wasn't actually so easy to take. What if the bike was secured and you didn't know it? This prank explores that possibility. Of course most of these guys must be idiots to not see the rope.

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This video just amazes me how many thieves there are, just ready to steal.

With no one in sight they make their move, but when they try to ride off into the sunset they get a lot more than they bargained for.

They all got what they deserved. We use to leave our bikes for hours and come back and it was still there.

This should happen to all criminals.