This Strange Device Has Just Launched And Every One Is Going Crazy!

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 16th October 2015

#1 Introducing Brian Sloan, inventor of the Autoblow2, the blow job–simulating robot.

From the lands of fantasies, comes this latest innovation - the Autoblow 2, that's designed for men who crave sexual pleasure! The machine has three textured orifices, and it's something that you must totally check out because this just could be what you've always wanted but never had!

#2 Now, he’s crowdfunding his latest sex toy, the 3Fap, a “three-in-one male masturbator” that offers three orifices: mouth, vagina, and anus.

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#3 The 3Fap uses the 3D scanned body parts of the winners of a “Vaginal Beauty Contest,” which basically means you’ll “kind of be having sex with genital beauty queens.”

#4 Each opening has its own control knob to adjust the level of suction.

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#5 Since its launch this morning, the 3Fap has raised $492 of its $40,000 goal.