Tokyo One Piece Theme Park Is A Paradise For Anime Lovers

By Editorial Staff in Geeks and Gaming On 19th October 2015

#1. Fans can take a picture with Luffy and Chopper at the entrance

Inside the themme park there are cool One Piece sculptures and displays as well as carnival-type games.

#2. An energetic pirate staff are on board the "island"

You can also go inside a Thousand Sunny recreation, watch the live action stage show, or dine on, you guessed it, One Piece food.

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#4. Photographies of this "new world" Part 2

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#5. Photographies of this "new world" Part 3

#6. At the entrance corridor, "The Cave of Memories," manga panels are projected on the walls.

When walked by or touched, various things will occur, including the color of Nami's tears or the sky behind Usopp changing to blue, and Robin's Flower-Flower powers being shown in shadows on the floor.

#7. Cave of memories

Sanji's Memory

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#8. At Usopp's shooting range, "Road to Sogeking," fans can become the legendary Sogeking and shoot at targets from the Marines. Winners receive a Sogeking mask.

#9. Usopp's shooting range

#10. At Chopper's Sunny Thousand Tours, Chopper shows guests around the pirate ship.

#11. Locations include the kitchen, Nami's bedroom, the bathroom (where fans can peek through a peephole to sneak a look... or not!), and Chopper's workspace.



#14. Right near the cola bar is a cola-glugging Franky. Using the pinball-like machine, players who get the ball in the right slot can receive a rare figure.






#20. In Luffy's Endless Adventure, fans can relive moments from the manga and anime.





#25. Take a seat next to Trafalgar Law for a picture.

#26. A look at Sanji's restaurant, located within the tower. Guests can order food from a menu, but a buffet option is also available.


#28. The separate Mugiawara Restaurant (Straw Hat Restaurant) is also available to eat at.

#29. Brook's Pasta With the Joyous Spice of Life.


#31. The separate gift shop outside of the park has even more goods.

Water bottles, hats, shirts, and Chopper plush toys.


#33. Hey, would you guys feel like going for a ride?