Top Halloween Costumes That We Love To Hate!

By Teresa Thomerson in Funny On 1st October 2015

#1 The Lazy Costume

This person should have just gone without a costume. Either be lazy or quit trying!

#2 The Makeup Costume

Just throwing on some writing on your face, does not a costume make.

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#4 The Can't Get Laid Costume

After seeing one of these we all know why you can't get any.

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#5 The Family Costume

Nothing kills the freedom that comes with being annoynomus than conforming to group standards.

#6 The Household Appliance

Seriously, it's Halloween and your going as a household item?

#7 The Fandom Costume

Go cosplay at the convention... actually don't, you'll get laughed out of the convention for the lack of effort you put into these.

#8 The "I Shouldn't Have Kids" Costume

These parents really should know better. These are kids not fashion accesories.

#9 The Political Statement

You know, opinions are like buttholes. We all have one but shouldn't air them to everyone!

#10 The Way Too Small For Me Costume

Can't you find one that fits?