Turn Your Breakup Into A Drinking Game In 15 Simple Steps

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 21st October 2015

#1 Because there's a medicine for even heart breaks.

So you two split, and now you're sad. You need a stiff drink, right? Well here is a cool drinking game created just for people in your circumstance. And if you caught your girlfriend cheating on you, this drinking game will take you on a cloud nine for sure! Give it a try!

#2 Get a mirror and take a good look at your face.

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#4 You're sinking into a deep depression. What could you have done differently?

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#5 Things are really starting to look and feel BAD.

#6 Then you remember all of that booze you have lying around. Let the GAMES begin!

#8 Everything reminds you of THEM.

And you never even liked The Vampire Diaries or The Gilmore Girls.

#9 You do a Britney Spears move.

You never liked your haircut anyway, so take another drink.

#10 You start dating again, or at least doing the Hit & Run.

You start dating again but find yourself home wondering what the hell the EX is doing at just that moment.

#11 You try to erase them from your heart, but it's SOOOOO Hard!

They try to see if you're still on the hook... and you are.

#12 When you take stalking to a whole different level.

You try to hide but then show up at a party you were never invited to, just to check them out.

#13 Even though things are crappy, you pretend they aren't.

Are ya fine? Really? Grow a pair and get over it. We've all been through it before.

#14 You try to pull it together then find yourself sleeping with their ugliest friend.

WTF were you thinking??

#15 When you finally begin to enjoy being single. Go out for a drink to celebrate and look for hot dates.

Then you begin spending more money than you make because you are trying to impress your ex, and you haven't worked in weeks because you're drunk! But alas, you are finally moving on.

Are you drunk yet?

Good. Now you should be able to return to the real world.