Unbelievable And Funny Supermarket Fails

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 23rd October 2015

#1 When you want to wine and dine her but she has 3 toddlers in the other room to worry about.

#2 This cheese was so bland that it became depressed and hung itself.

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#4 Just a friendly reminder about where your night is leading.

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#5 No pretzels? Well could I please have one of those knotty looking pieces of bread with salt on it?

#6 Oh crap. The bone-in bananas are 10 cents cheaper per pound.

#7 If your child is going to take a culinary class or just needs a shank for protection, then this is the Back to School headquarters!

#8 Made in China I presume? What a deal on these ORANGE pails.

#9 This place has it's priorities in order.

#10 Guess Coke won out in that Pepsi Challenge? But, what are the gas cans for?

#11 IYou know you can't turn down a sale. And this is a bargain if ever there was one.

#12 Oh sure, someone steals a whole case of bacon and now we have to ask for assistance with getting a pound of it.

#13 It's not just a sale, it's a big EVENT! Tell all of your friends!

#14 Let's see... what is the equal or lesser value of zero? Damn you Betty Crocker!

#15 Hey kids, here's your late night snack.

#16 Nothing like juicy home grown tomatoes. They are great on bacon, lettuce, apple sandwiches.

#17 Fight global warming with our new crunch or smooth light bulbs.

#18 Nothing says 'winner' like a nice lemon for lunch. No thanks on the ham sandwich, I have lemons.

#19 DUH.. Are these things frosted?

#20 Safeway is proud of their math skills. You probably didn't know that there are 12 donuts in a dozen now did you? Thanks Safeway!