US President Joe Biden Gives Awkward Dating Advice To A Young Girl

By Samantha in Cringey On 16th October 2022

Joe Biden has left the internet confused after an awkward exchange with a young girl where he gave her some dating advice.

The shocking footage of the US President took place 'during a meet and greet' after his speech at Irvine Valley College this week.

Internet was left divided with opinion as someone dubbed the President as 'Creepy Joe', while others just see him as a 'grandfather figure kidding around with a youngster.'


As the viral video clip shows, Biden takes a picture with the girl and a woman who appears to be her mother. The duo initially look excited about getting their photo taken with the POTUS.

However, things change instantly as the 79-year-old puts his arm around the young girl's shoulder and gives her a bit of dating advice. 

"Now, very important thing I told my daughter and granddaughters," Biden is heard saying.

With her back to the president, as the young girl turns around, Biden pauses and added: "No serious guys till you're 30."

"Okay," the young girl then agreed with a rather uncomfortable smile.

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The footage was taken by Karen D'Almedia who wrote: "President Joe Biden grabs a young girl by the shoulder and tells her 'no serious guys till your 30' as she looks back appearing uncomfortable, secret service appears to try to stop me from filming it after Biden spoke @ Irvine Valley Community College | @TPUSA @FrontlinesShow."

He added: "Note: I took this video of myself with president Biden after his speech at Irvine Valley College during a meet & greet as well as photo ops for those who wanted them."


Many on social media are divided with opinion, while the majority have branded the President as a 'creep'.

"Anyone says or does what our President just did that at their job ur fired within 24 hours," one person commented.

Another added: "Does his behavior around kids ever rise to where their parent could ask police to file charges? If a random old man in my town was so handsy and creepy w my kids, I’d be looking into it."

"I'm sorry but that is not presidential. It's freaking creepy!!!!!" someone else wrote.

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Although, not all were on the same page, as one person tweeted: "He sounds like he is looking out for the girl.

"Telling her to take her time. Nothing wrong with this film. I think she was confused of the statement at first cause he had to say it twice.."

Someone else said: "He's not "grabbing" he's touching her shoulder. She isn't 'uncomfortable' she's surprised and delighted.

"How creepy can you all be about a grandfather figure kidding around with a youngster? Shame on you all."

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