Used To Seeing And Passing By The Manhattan Bridge? Wait 'Til You See It's Scary Secret...

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 29th September 2015

#1 Manhattan Bridge is a distinct architectural structure stretching from Canal Street to Flatbrush Avenue Extension.

#2 Not your usual bridge, though, because it served another purpose.

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#4 One time, an Asian guy was seen climbing the steel structures.

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#5 Policemen and officers hurried to the location and tried to survey the area.

#6 They investigated every spot and looked into some questionable segments of the bridge.

#7 A tiny area was discovered near the subway and bicycle lines and the upper deck.

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#8 Later on, they found out that people had built shelters in the structures that make up the bridge.

#9 The authorities were assisting this man who had been hiding in one of the secret homes in the bridge.

#10 Welcome to his humble abode! How did he fit in inside?!

#11 The only way to go from one end to another is to crawl.

#12 Those are the linens and other home essentials owned by the Manhattan Bridge occupants.

#13 Unbelievable how people could find a dwelling such a very small space!

#14 The homeless peeps even bothered to stock up some mattresses, sheets and other necessities.

#15 Now, would they ever find a place they could call their own in New York?