What People In Indonesia Do With Their Dead Is So Shocking & Bizarre

By Michael Avery in Bizarre On 16th October 2015

#1 Ritual is called Ma’nene or The Ceremony of Cleaning Corpses.

Bodies are taken to the place where they died and brought back to the village in straight lines.

#2 These bodies resembling zombies are dressed by a boy for the ceremony.

In Toraja society, death rituals are considered very significant just like births and marriages.

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#4 Indonesians believe that the dead live on in their hearts and minds.

In a territory of Indonesia, the dead turned into a zombie and started walking in an insane manner.

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#5 Even the dead bodies of children are cleaned and mended during the ceremony.

#6 Image shows the skeleton of a baby wrapped in a printed frock with a boy carrying a doll sitting next to the corpse.

#7 The people of Indonesia believe that the soul of their ancestors must return to the villages.

In the past people were frightened to go on a long journey because if they died, their relatives would need to bring him back to the village.

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#8 A dead couple brought back to life for the ceremony.

#9 Image of the stonewall called ‘tau-tau’ which is meant for the corpses belonging to high class.

#10 Watch the video showing the rituals practiced by Indonesians on the corpses