Woman Claims She Can’t Keep A Man Because of Her “Selfie Addiction”

By Suzanne in Bizarre On 11th October 2015


If you can't date someone because you are too busy doing selfies, something needs to change in your life! The real selfie queen has arrived. Best of all, she claims that Kylie Jenner is her biggest source of inspiration.


Charlotte Michaels is 23 years old and her boyfriends keep ditching her once they find out about her obsession.

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"I've tried dating but after several weeks, they realise my selfie-taking is not a phase and end it," Charlotte says. But she's cool with it "My selfies come first, and if these men can't handle that, it's their problem there isn't room in my life for a relationship and selfies."


Charlotte also confessed her selfie addiction is so real, she suffers a "meltdown" if her posts don't rack up ‘likes' within 15 minutes. "The sense of relief when they start rolling in is unbelievable. I like people telling me I'm pretty."

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