Would These Bathroom Signs Distract You?

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 5th September 2015

#1 Cupcake

The only time a sign in a bathroom will make you hungry

#2 1/6 Allowed

Great. Now what am I supposed to do with this fishing pole?

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#4 Bathroom Bacon?!

I WISH bacon flew out of those things instead of that lame gust of wind that always leaves my hands damp.

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#5 How Do They Know?

Thanks to this sign, I have a new nickname for my "situation" down there.

#6 Not Allowed

By the looks of this sign, I guess FUN isn't allowed in this particular bathroom.

#8 Surgeon Issue

I know it's correct, but the Italic font makes it come across as pretentious.

#9 Stage Fright

Nothing gets the stream a'flowing quite like a wall full of ladies chuckling at your junk.

#10 Over The Top

Over The Top7/10 Uh, is this encouraged? I don't see one of those Ghostbuster circles