WTF! The Only Things Creepier Than These 5 Pictures Are The Stories Behind Them

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 7th October 2015

#1 Keith Sapsford

Keith Sapsford was a young boy who just wanted to see the world. On February 22, 1970, Sapsford snuck into the wheel well of a Japan Airlines flight to Tokyo, Japan from Sydney, Australia. The plan was to make the journey undetected and start a new adventure.

Unfortunately, as the plane was taking off, Sapsford lost his grip inside the wheel well and fell to his death. This final photo of him was captured by an amateur photographer who was at the airport that day.

#2 Julia Popova

In 2009, Julia Popova was walking home from work when she was attacked by a mugger. The 22-year-old Moscow native walked away from the ordeal and made it all the way home before she realized that she had been stabbed in the back of the neck by her mugger.

Police chalked it up to a case of extreme shock. Surgeons were able to successfully remove the knife, which fortunately missed all of Popova's major arteries.

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#3 Katharina Detzel

In 1907, Katharina Detzel was sent to a German mental institution after sabotaging a local railway as part of a political protest. Although historians are uncertain about what exactly her mental state was at the time, she remained institutionalized until her death at the hands of a Nazi euthanasia program in 1941.

During her time at the mental institution, Detzel tried to improve conditions for her and her fellow inmates. In the above picture, Detzel is shown posing with a "husband" that she made for herself out of straw. It's said that Detzel would beat the figure when she was mad and dance with it when she was happy.

#4 Auguste Delagrance

Okay, this isn't actually a picture of Auguste Delagrance, but it is a picture of his heart. According to legend, Delagrance was a vampire who was responsible for the deaths of more than 400 people during the early 1900s in America.

It's said that Delagrance was murdered by a Catholic priest with a stake through the heart. While it's more than likely untrue, it's certainly interesting to think that this box contains his actual heart. The whole lot was sold on eBay recently for a pretty penny.

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#5 Loana Constantinescu

While this photo might look like an ordinary Victorian-era death photo, how this young Romanian woman died is more than a little disturbing. Her name was Loana Constantinescu, but she was better known as "Loana the Bloodthirster."

According to historians, Loana became fascinated by blood as a teenager. Eventually, she came to believe that drinking blood, specifically her own, would endow her with superhuman strength. She accidentally killed herself after ingesting a lethal quantity of her own blood.