You Are Definitely Going To Be Mad After Seeing These 16 Brilliant People

By Editorial Staff in Funny On 9th October 2015




When only your friend with a motorcycle is available to give you a ride

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When the dishes are dirty

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Sometimes you dog needs to go out and you can't find their leash


Teachers: this works as well as compass or ruler


When your shower-head breaks, this quick improvisation could help


Lost a couch cushion? This is one way to fix it


When you need to take a bath, but don't have a tub, and you also want hot water


Air conditioning?


This won't save anybody's life


Sometimes you just gotta own the fact that your clothing is falling apart


When somebody needs to do something


If you're microwave is broken, this could potentially work, or be disgusting


When you can't find your chess board, but you've got chess pieces