Your Poop Tells A Lot About Your Health And You Must Know Them

By Muk Khatri in Bizarre On 11th October 2015

#1 Emoticons of your poops according to your diet.

#2 Far from the reality

If you see your stool same as the picture above tomorrow morning, praise yourself and keep your head held high for the whole day. You have done a great job, guys!

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#3 You did nothing. OMG!

Believe me, something is going very serious with you dude. You are facing severe constipation problem which can further lead to piles. You need a doctor, hurry up!

#4 When did you become goat?

If your shi* is coming out like the above picture then you need to eat lots of fibre content fruit, veg, wholemeal grains. If it happens again and again then please consult to doctor as soon as possible. Carelessness may lead to the symptoms of colon cancer.

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#5 Taking out the thin brown line.

This is the most scariest of all the poops. Taking out a pencil thin poop surely means something is obstructing and obstruction is really not good for your health.

#6 Rock is the perfect word for this poop

Start drinking maximum 8 glass of water a day. You will reach to the perfection very soon.

#7 Feel me!

This is the speedy poop which comes out with full force and bombards the whole bowl with liquid material. Intake of an excess of fiber also is not good, so be in limit and take out something better.

#8 How tacky!

Is your poop floating and stinks badly? Start paying attention towards your diet and eat right things. Stinky poop is also because of the allergy with the food you are eating.