14 Of The Worst Moms You've Ever Seen!

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 14th September 2015

#1 She let her boys playfully grab her boobs and make suggestive facial expressions.

#2 She takes a picture of her daughter in her underwear.

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#4 She posed with her boys at the edge of a cliff.

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#5 She allowed her daughter to eat what she wants.

#6 Mom let her baby in the stroller outside while she gambles inside.

#7 She playfully placed her baby inside the oven.

#8 She takes a selfie of her wearing just a bra and cut out denims as her son watches.

#9 She applies harsh make up on her daughter's young skin for fun.

#10 Mom poses for a picture with her boobs spilling out of her top.

#11 Mom pole dances while carrying her kid.

#12 She lets her child go to the edge of the water in a closed beach with her so far behind.

#13 Her children are checking the pole that she will be dancing on.

#14 She tries the skate board while pregnant.