15 Bizarre Moments That Will Make You Cringe

By Sughra Hafeez in Bizarre On 20th August 2015

#1 First ever 'Ego-friendly' vehicle

This guy has put all the inventors to shame. Simply use women (especially the ones you hate, maybe your ex) to take you around. You beat pollution , animal rights and also get your revenge..isn't that brilliant?

#2 Now that's Freedom of Movement

A salute to the thoughtfulness of the artist who designed this. Looks like our hero was on an intimate date before he got the call of duty.

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#4 How did it get there?

Well, I know we all love our pets and we want them to be safe, but isn't this a bit too much? Why would you have a horse in your balcony, someone tell me!

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#5 So, that's how you give a ride

I am sure he would have not have expected this when he offered her a ride. He is either a super caring boyfriend or a poor friend-zoned soul..what do you think?

#6 You messed with the wrong lady.

I don't picture girl power that way but she has surely nailed it. May be they tried to steal her Nuggets.

#7 What kind of sorcery is that?

I have heard of a twisted leg but is there a term for reverse leg? A camera trick or we have a ghost in town?

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#8 Ehmm..whose dad and whose lover?

There is something fishy about this title. Don't know about you, but I am not buying this one.

#9 Alert: new species found.

DNA tests have confirmed that this is a new species of octopus. It has a feminine face and can also nag all day like a woman.

#10 Disney, please sue him.

Disney has a huge fan following but I did not expect this. This is not what we mean by gender equality.

#11 New 3rd degree torture invented

The ultimate way of torturing a foodie has just been invented. We dare you baddie, eat it if you can!

#12 The older, the better..right?

This is the new trend boys..like daughter, marry mother! Girls, keep your boyfriend away from your mom.

#13 What the POOP are your wearing?

We know recycling is good but this is just outrageous. Poop recycled necklace? I am never inviting him to my parties.

#14 Never make your beautician angry!!

This is what happens when you mess with your parlour lady. Never, I say, never, do that.

#15 Did you SEE-AL that?

So you become a seal just because you love one? Well then I love tigers...should I start hunting?