16 Prom Pics That Will Cause A Lifetime Of Embarrassment

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 20th August 2015

#1 There are equal rights campaigners. There are also equal wrongs campaigners.

#2 This girl had Rob on one side of her and Taylor on the other. They basically sandwiched her the entire night. It’s always the quiet ones.

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#4 Promature ejaculation is a serious problem.

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#5 Prom ain’t cheap, so Dad is getting a cheeky little scrounge on during the photo session.

#6 Homie looks innocent enough, but you can see he’s thinking “I’m going to be making paper darts later on”. The filthy so-and-so.

#7 “You like shooting loads do you, son?”

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#8 The broken, debased look in his eyes says everything.

#9 At the camp survivalist, homeschooler’s prom they were the best dressed couple.

#10 This girl’s Dad climbed up The Statue of Liberty and cracked off Lady Liberty’s crown to make sure no one got they hands on his little princess’ lady lumps. That’s a real father.

#11 This is almost definitely going to turn into an episode of C.S.I where Barney gets murdered by his friends. Spoiler alert: it’s the girl on the bottom left.

#12 The sign of things to come.

#13 Blow job.

#14 His main squeeze.

#15 This pic of three chicks and three cocks is adorable.

#16 “…Dexter!!!!!!!!”