16 Stupid Employees Who Are Definitely Fired Now Because Of Their Foolish Acts!

By Editorial Staff in Bizarre On 2nd October 2015

#1. This McEmployee who probably just left the position of "Smiling Feces":

#2.This writer (and his editor):

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#4.This dividing-line painter who threw caution firmly to the wind:

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#5.This video-production employee who temporarily forgot how to Google:

#6.This fast-food employee who lost the will to even try:

#8. This fortune-cookie packager who was just so proud of their handiwork:

#9.This sporting-goods employee who just thought "kayak" was "water bike" in another language:

#10.Whoever is responsible for this madness:

#11.This person who just wants to watch the world burn:

#12. This employee who considers shoes "foot jewelry":

#13.This Walmart employee who forgot what chainsaws were:

#14.Thisguy Righthere:

#15.This person who is just so damn tired of people forgetting to lift the seat:

#16.This restaurant employee who had a little Freudian Sip: