18 Hilarious Profile Pictures From Russian Dating Sites That Will Make You Go ROFL

By Sughra Hafeez in Bizarre On 5th September 2015

#1 And this is just the beginning!

#2 What's that even supposed to be.

What kinda girl are you trying to attract by posing like this?

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#4 Plain weird

Nothing more to say.

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#5 So date me or I'll shoot you?!

#6 What exactly are you trying to prove?

That is just scary!

#7 Did you know that is a net used for killing insects?

I doubt he'd get laid any time soon with profile pictures like this one.

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#8 Ok go home grand mom, you're being stupid.

The only thing evident in the picture is the mess right behind you!

#9 Coz men like wet shirts? Eh?

That's no way to tell a man you're being kinky.

#10 That's no way to tell a man you're being kinky.

He would just get scared.

#11 Why are you wearing gloves in a bathtub?

#12 Massive fail using photoshop. Lol

#13 Seriously, what's that supposed to be?

#14 This just gave me the creeps.

#15 Umm, being kinky?

Not working out for you, missy!

#16 So you're pretty flexible?

We get the point dude.

#17 Everything pink is NOT pretty!

I bet she's damn uncomfortable on that kitchen platform.

#18 You love closed spaces?

How is that even a quality to impress a man?

#19 A riffle and a vacuum cleaner?

Weird combo!